The Miracles that Allah Granted to the
Prophet Muhammad (saas) prior to Prophethood

According to historical texts, Muhammad (saas) was given the honour of being a prophet when he was forty years old. But, before he received any revelations, certain miraculous events took place in his life that gave indications as to his future.

The midwife present at his birth, ash-Shifa, the mother of the famed companion 'Abdur-Rahman ibn 'Awf, said that when the Prophet (saas) was born into her hands and sneezed, she heard someone say 'May Allah have mercy on you!' and she stated that the entire horizon became illuminated (Abu Nu'aym).

The Prophet (saas) was always shaded when he travelled. Khadijah mentioned that she saw two angels shading her husband while he travelled (Ibn Sa'd), while Halima, his foster-mother among the desert tribe of Bani Sa'd ibn Bakr, said that she saw a cloud shade him while he was with her. Once while the Prophet (saas) was on a journey, he sat down under a dry tree to rest. The tree grew and spread out and according to some traditions, the shadow of the tree inclined towards the Prophet (saas) to shade him. The area surrounding the tree also became lush and green.

Nearing the time of his Prophethood, the dreams that the Prophet (saas) saw in his sleep foreshadowed things that were to come true. According to hadith, these dreams occurred over a period of about six months. The eminent Islamic scholar, Imam al-Bukhari, gives an account of these dreams in his collection.

Aisha narrated: 'The first thing with which the revelation began for the Messenger of Allah (saas) was correct dreams in sleep. He never saw a dream but that it came like the breaking of the dawn.' (Al-Bukhari)

Islamic scholars explain that the reason for the dreams coming true in this manner was to prepare Muhammad (saas) in his sleep for the great responsibility of prophethood.

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